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In an effort to ensure that the law is available to all, Alison offers advice and representation, to those suffering from exceptional financial hardship, at a reduced rate.

This rate is available to persons who can show that they have exceptional financial hardship.  Referrals should be made through a Solicitor, Citizens Advice Bureau, or Law Centre.  In order to qualify, persons must show that they are not able to obtain funding though other sources, such as Legal Aid, Community Funding, home insurance cover, or Union membership cover.

Due to the reduced rates under this scheme, Alison requires payment in advance from clients referred via a Citizens Advice Bureau or Law Centre, and payment within 21 days in cases referred from a firm of Solicitors.

WARNING: Anyone accepted under the exceptional financial hardship scheme must be aware that although Alison is charging a reduced rate, there remains the possibility that if they lose the case, they may have to pay the costs for the other party, and these are likely to have been charged at a much higher rate.  Alison will advise on this when accepting a case under her exceptional financial hardship scheme.