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Alison acts for Claimants in their complaints against the Police in England and Wales.  She represents claimants in County Court and High Court trials, and also provides initial advice on whether there are good grounds for a claim.

She has represented clients in false imprisonment claims (encompassing arrest and detention), claims of assault and trespass to property by police officers, and human rights cases.

Alison is able to advise on the preliminary stages of making a complaint to the Police Force Professional Standards Department and the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Alison is prepared to take referrals from Law Centres and Citizens Advice Bureau, and will accept clients under the public access scheme.  She will also consider taking on cases under her exceptional financial hardship scheme.

She offers a concultancy and trial preparation service for organisations and individual clients Worldwide.  She has advised police officers and Defence lawyers in the USA on the criminal interrogation process.