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Alison is an experienced trial lawyer, acting both for Defendants and the Crown Prosecution Service in the Magistrates' Courts and Crown Courts.  She is very knowledgeable in all areas of criminal law, and criminal procedure.  She has in-depth knowledge of sentencing and procedure in the Youth Court.

Her caseload has included serious crimes, including rape and murder, importation of drugs and firearms.  She has particular expertise in human trafficking operations, and gang related crime.  She has extensive knowledge of forensic science practices in the UK and USA.

She has expertise in the orders which often accompany sentencing in the Crown and Magistrates Courts, including Sex Offender Orders, Confiscation Orders and Proceeds of Crime, Restraining Orders, Anti-Social Behaviour Orders, and Football banning Orders.

Alison regularly represents football supporters in both the Magistrates and Crown Courts due to her specialism in Football Supporter law.  She is very knowledgeable on football policing issues and the laws specific to football matches such as pitch invasion, possession of smoke bombs, drinking alcohol on designated 'dry trains'.

Alison is prepared to take on all types of work in the Criminal Courts, from first appearance to appeals.  She will travel anywhere in England and Wales, but is most often found in the Crown and Magistrates' Courts in Kent, London, Surrey, Sussex, Thames Valley, Hertfordshire and Essex.  She will take on some types of criminal case under the public access scheme, where a client can contact her direct rather than through a solicitor.

Alison offers advice and representation in Road Traffic cases throughout England and Wales, under the public access scheme.  She offers a £400 Fixed Fee Package for most road traffic cases, this includes an advice, trial preparation, and representation for a trial/sentencing lasting up to one day. 

For more information on this package or any of the work listed above contact alison via www.1gis.co.uk (Tel: 0207 405 0001) or gurdena@btinternet.com or use the contact form on the contacts page.

Alison regularly assists in the defence of inmates facing the death penalty overseas, including trial preparation, and drafting opinions on appeals of persons convicted of capital offences and facing execution.

Alison acts as a consultant in criminal practice and procedure, including international criminal obligations, victim support, jury selection, and police and court procedure.  She also offers a trial preparation service in the UK. USA and Australia, including forensic analysis of case papers, and witness and defendant preparation in the USA.

Alison has been awarded the Rodney Thaxton Award by the Florida Criminal Defence Lawyers Association, and the Clyde Atkins award by the Florida Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union for her work on death penalty cases in Florida.

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