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Alison Gurden is a practising Barrister, called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2001.  She has extensive advocacy experience including representing both individuals and companies/public authorities in the Criminal and Civil Courts, and Employment Tribunals. She is a well regarded and respected advocate.

First and foremost Alison is a human rights lawyer and holds a Masters Degree in International Human Rights Law from the University of Essex.  She accepts work in the areas of Criminal Law, Employment Law, Complaints Against the Police, Prison Law and Inquests. She has particular specialisms in Football Supporter Law, Human Trafficking and Defending Death Penalty cases. 

Alison is an expert in defending Football Banning Orders, Anti-Social Behaviour Orders and Sex Offender Protection Orders.

She is able to advise on death penalty issues affecting persons in jurisdictions around the World.  She has knowledge of prison law in many European countries and the USA, and can advise on the possible impact that extradition or deportation to an overseas prison will have on a defendant, or prisoner serving a sentence in a prison in England and Wales.

She is a member of the Criminal Bar Association, Employment Law Bar Association, the British Institute of Human Rights, the Inquest Lawyers Group, and Amicus.

In line with her human rights work, she is an expert in International Human Trafficking issues.  She is a Trustee of a charity which assists people seeking asylum, or who have been trafficked into or within the UK, and has connections with both Law Enforcement and Not for Profit Organisatons working on human trafficking cases in Florida, USA. 

Alison regularly undertakes pro bono work on behalf of the Bar Pro Bono Unit, Free Representation Unit and other charitable organisations.

She is a regular volunteer with a Public Defenders Office in the USA, assisting in the defence of persons charged with murder and facing the death penalty. In 2011, the Florida Criminal Defence Lawyers Association presented her with the Rodney Thaxton Award for her defence work on a high profile death penalty case. The Florida Chapter of the American Civil Liberities Union has awarded Alison the Clyde Atkins Award for her efforts in defending death penalty cases.

Alison is a member of Lincoln's Inn, and through the Inn, is a sponsor for Bar Vocational Course students and pupils. 

She practices as a door tenant from 1 Gray's Inn Square Chambers in London. She is happy to take instructions for work in any area of England and Wales, and regularly appears in the courts and tribunals in London, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Thames Valley, Hertfordshire, Birmingham and Manchester.  She is also able to take in International work on a trial preparation or consultancy basis.

Alison is a qualified Public Access lawyer, which allows her to take work directly from clients without the need for a solicitor to first be instructed. For further information on this click on the Public Access Link.

In line with her charitable work, Alison is prepared to take on cases at a reduced rate for those litigants who are suffering exceptional financial hardship.  For further information click on the link for Hardship Cases.